Who We Are

Who Are We?
Energize Technologies is an entrepreneurial team specializing in Marketing Strategy, IT StrategyTechnology Development and Corporate Innovation. We are extremely passionate about our specialties and we infuse that enthusiasm in our work. 

Where Are We?
Our Strategic Consulting teams are all based out of the New York City/ New Jersey areas. Our Technologists and Developers are based out of Ukraine, what Forbes magazine calls the next Silicon Valley. We have the smartest and most creative technologist that the world has to offer currently in the market. We will respectfully tell you when we think you are going the wrong direction and really own the final product with you.  

Why Did We Start The Company?
We started the company when we realized that most creative agencies didn't understand how to use innovative technology advancements in a rapidly evolving industry. It's not their fault. Larger companies that have been around for a while can not devote the time, energy and passion to staying current with technology trends. Instead, they focus on cool graphics and copywriting. They don't know what hot new apps are out there or what new devices are being developed. And more importantly, they don't know how those apps and devices are actually being used by real customers. 

We also understand that most corporate Marketing and IT organizations need a different approach to become more nimble and entrepreneurial in their corporate roles. We recognize that many of the core functions in mid- to large-sized  organizations have either been outsourced to external vendors or have evolved to a level of complexity that is making it difficult to accomplish their objectives. We take an entrepreneurial, outcomes-driven approach to refocus your teams on what's important and create processes and governance that are simple and easy to follow. 

Why Should You Care?
If you want to reach your end customers and really have an impact on their lives, advertisements, informational products and good copywriting are not the answers. The average consumer is inundated with information, ads and marketing. Consumers are looking for something that will add value to their lives, not put money in your pocket. So how can you create something innovative that adds value to your customers' lives and puts money in your pocket at the same time?

How do you shift the culture in your organization to become more entrepreneurial and outcomes-driven? 

What Can Energize Technologies Do For You?
If you have an idea for a website or mobile app, we will not only help you bring it to life, but we'll also do the market research to ensure it adds value for your customers... inherently, putting cash in your pocket! We will also come up with the launch strategy to make sure it launches successfully the first time, thereby saving you time and making you more money. 

If you have become lost in your ability to accomplish your goals and objectives quickly and effectively, and are sick of countless management consulting organizations that seem to perpetuate the complexity of your problems, we are an organization with a proven track record of success. We don't waste time and we beleive that the core competencies of an organization need to belong within the company itself. Our goal is to help you reach your objectives while keeping your most valuable resources and competencies in-house. 

Contact Us and share your idea for how to transform your customers' lives!